your unmedicated birth stories

Care to share?

I would like to have an unmedicated birth this time around. I'd like to read more folks' stories of birth without meds. If you feel like sharing yours, comment below.




Robbie Harris Rivero said...

Hi Katie - I check in every so often to see what's going on in your life. Congrats!
I had a VBAC and mostly unmedicated birth - no pain meds but pitocin to induce after my blood pressure became dangerously high. I had the c-section/epidural from hell the first time around and was determined to have as natural a VBAC as possible. It was such an incredible experience. I'll admit that I asked for pain meds during transition and even accused the nurse of lying to me when she said that it was too late to give me something. However, afterward, it was such an empowering feeling to know that I'd been able to it without pain medication.

katie allison granju said...

Robbie! So nice to hear from you

E-mail me and tell me how things are.


Laura said...

i have two for you katie...of course they were 20 and 15 years ago. the 1st was awesome. the 2nd was not so much and a very good reason to not be jealous of insanely quick labors. still, my memory faded with that one because my 2nd and 3rd children are only 20 months apart. lol

nyjlm said...

I have two for you

Arlene said...

my lisa ross birth:

I bought the hypnobabies home study course and used alot of the techniques to resolve the discomfort. As long as I relaxed and did not try to fight the contractions or get scared I was fine.

Anonymous said...

The most way to have the best chance of an unmedicated birth is to surround yourself with people who believe that labor and birth are generally normal, healthy processes, and who won't offer you pain medication when the going gets tough, just like they wouldn't run up to you in the middle of a marathon and try to give you a shot of something to make the pain go away. Midwives are the way to go, in a hospital, birth center, or home. I just had a home birth 8 months ago, with incredible midwives, and I am certain that if I had been in the hospital, I would have had pain meds, and actually a c-section. My labor was humblingly challenging - it hurt more than I imagined it could, and my son was posterior with his little hand up by his head. I wanted an escape, and would have agreed to medication had someone offered it, but if I had been in a place where an epidural was available, I have a feeling that he wouldn't have been able to rotate the way he did to be able to come out vaginally, because I wouldn't have been as mobile. The labor was 43 hours long, and through the whole thing, my midwives, who I trusted completely, were monitoring carefully and reassuring me that this was completely normal. I am forever grateful. I love reading your blog, and was heartened by your recent overparenting article. Good luck with your birth!

katie allison granju said...

I am planning a waterbirth in a hospital, with a midwife attending. We may also hire a doula. said...

I had two births without painkillers, although my first was induced because of low amniotic fluid. I'd love to share my story with you over the phone - email me and we can set up a time to talk! I found your blog after reading your article about overparenting, which was great timing for me because I was just wondering about how to help my son (who is almost four) start becoming more self-sufficient.

Leslie said...

Below is a link to Lorelei's birth story. It was *almost* unmedicate--a failed epidural and one shot of Stadol.


Amy said...

Hi Katie,

Two of the three births I've experienced so far have been completely unmedicated. My son was born at home (planned) and unassisted by the midwife (not planned). My youngest daughter was born in a hospital. You can read her birth story here:

MotherBlogger said...

You can read two of my three unmedicated birth stories at:

kayla said...

Here's my homebirth:

Janice said...

Hi Katie!
I'm glad you have this blog so I can see how things are going with all of you. :-)

My third and last birth was unmedicated, at home. Honestly, it was not the dream birth I'd hoped for, and I feel a little bad that I can't say it was dreamy.

I had a very long labor (19 hours; the cord was wrapped around Xavy's shoulders, which kept him from dropping) and my midwives were completely exhausted, as they'd had something like seven births over the past few days and were running on no sleep. I was in a lot of discomfort and nothing brought me relief.

Still, I was extremely relieved that I birthed him at home and without meds or interventions, as the calm bonding time afterward was exquisite and my recovery was extremely speedy. Had I been at the hospital, I absolutely would have asked for any medication or intervention that might have stopped the agony I was in. I'm glad I did not have that option.

I so wish I'd had a doula, as I did with birth #2. I would recommend this no matter how many supportive midwives or others will be on hand. I had two wonderful midwives and thought a doula would be superfluous, but the midwives were doing their thing and couldn't be the kind of support a doula is. My husband was wonderful and there for me in his way, but I loved with Gina's birth that having a doula took the pressure off him to be the go-to guy to help with my discomfort.

BTW, I had planned to have a waterbirth, but for reasons I can't really explain, I hated the water during this particular labor and could not tolerate being in the tub.

Best of luck!