found dog

This morning there was a gorgeous, super sweet, steel gray pit bull hanging around the parking lot at my office. She had no collar and was clearly lost, as she was begging to be let into the building. She was also running in front of cars, and I was afraid she was going to be run over, so I have taken her to my house for the time being as I try to locate her owners.

If you know of anyone in North Knoxville missing a dog matching this description, please e-mail me at

Please forward to friends and coworkers.




Anonymous said...

and when this pit bull mauls a kid will it still be so "super sweet"??? I am sorry..I am NO fan of pit bulls. I think they should be banned. Every single freakin time someone is attacked by one of these things the owners are always saying how nice it was and therefore how unexpected that a dog whose genetic lineage is to maim and kill, could do such a thing. They cannot believe that a dog who slept on their kids beds could rip the neighbors toddler to shreds. I hope that dog DOES get hit by a car: one less pit bull to worry about. And if it doesn't I hope someone takes it to the pound and they have the sense to euthanize it instead of palming it off on innocent people who are taken in by its "sweet" nature until it snaps. Make no mistake: I love dogs but some dogs were just not meant to breath air and this one is one of them. Honestly if there was a loose pit bull in MY yard I would at the very least call animal control and demand that they remove it immediately. I would be sorely tempted to shoot the thing on sight however.

Clisby said...

I'm no fan of dogs, period - if they all disappeared from the planet tomorrow, I'd consider it a vast improvement.

However, I have been around pit bulls with very good dispositions, so I'm not inclined to demonize them in particular.

I just hope you're confining this stray dog away from your kids and other pets. No matter what the breed, that's the smart thing to do.

Anonymous said...

post a picture of it

Anonymous said...

the thing with pit bulls is that they were bred to kill. Unlike rottweilers and other guard dogs who are bred to protect, all a pit bull has to do is rip another dog to shreds. Even when they are bred by "conscientious" breeders, that genetic predisposition is still there. Virtually every time i have heard of a pit bull attack there are many people ready to say that they just can't believe it because the dog was so sweet. They can turn in an instant. And what is most likely to trigger them is a small child running. Even if you have kids. Even if it has never happened before. I am sure there would be legal issues for killing someones pet however you would probably get a lot of back up from a lot of people if you killed a free roaming pit bull.

Anonymous said...

I have found dogs; and lost my dog briefly and found her.
Best thing to do is take it to your vet to have it scanned she might have an identity chip. Make a ton of phone calls to the pounds, police and all the local vets to see if it was reported missing and leave your number.

Anonymous said...

And hope while you are harboring this thing it doesn't attack your kids OR anyone elses