new family pix

My nephew Nicholas


My nieces and nephew sacked out: Jones, Anna and Helen


Anna and Helen


Nicole and Anna



Anonymous said...

Those are the most beautiful children! The parents must be very attractive people.

Someone who is not Robert

katie allison granju said...

There's a really hot milkman making the rounds in that neck of the woods, I hear.

Marcia said...

Hey kag--I followed over here from TPW, although I'm not really active there anymore.

I wasn't going to comment because I was just being curious, but I have to tell you, I took all pictures of kids off of my blog. There are so many freaks out there; if you have a stat counter, check out the search terms sometimes, and then ask yourself if you want these strangers looking at the children in your family.

Anyway--I thought you were brave to tread back into the TPW waters.