glass half-full kid

J. is my glass half-full kid. No matter what life hands her, she manages to find the best in it, shake off what's bothering her, and move on. She doesn't cling to the negative, or let things get her down when there isn't anything she can do about the situation. I frequently point out to her that this practical optimism is a wonderful quality that she has, and that she should continue to cultivate it.

This week she is on a 3 day class field trip in another state. Her older brother went on the same trip several years ago, and he told Jon and me that she probably wouldn't like it because it was really dull.

"Oh well, " Jon said. "Knowing J., she'll make the best of it."

So the first night of the trip, she called home to check in, and I asked her how the trip was going.

"Well, it's actually really lame, but I'm trying to make the best of it," she answered.



Anonymous said...

She will have a happy life for sure! I wish I could channel some of that positive outlook at times. I really do think that "making the best of things" really does make you happy.
Good for J.!

dewi said...

I am like Jane; I have a very sunny disposition and generally feel cheerful and upbeat and make the best of situations. It has served me very well in life.

Ironically my husband is a full-fledged pessimist, gloom and doom and intolerant of most people and situations.