After 6-8 weeks of feeling rather calm and happy (after feeling tired, slightly ill and nauseated during the first trimester), I am finding myself a bit moodier and short-tempered in the past few days.

I feel like our house is a wreck and my children are going to go deaf from their iPods and I am just not usre I have it in me to argue with E. one more time about how slackerly he's being on his math homework.

Really, nothing has changed since last week, when I felt quite content, but suddenly I feel a bit anxious and stressed and irritable. I need to shake it off. It helps no one, most of all me.

I am definitely getting a bit "nesty" and feeling like I have to get better organized and ready for the baby. Finding a childbirth class we can squeeze into our schedule is turning out to be a bit of a hassle. I think we need to take one together, but we really need to find one that is an intensive day-long or weekend-long one focused on achieving unmedicated birth. Even though we are willing to do it here or in Chattanooga or even in Nashville, I can't seem to find one that fits our schedule and inclinations.

I keep thinking about how unprepared I was when E. was born three full weeks before his due date. It took me pretty much completely by surprise.


Arlene said...

Like I said, the home study worked for me. But you have to have alot of self discipline to make yourself do it. Which I lack sometimes. ;)

britney said...

you must have heard that npr story about deafness from earbuds this morning too! it is scary.

Anonymous said...

Also, ipods facilitate disengagement. I wouldn't feel bad about limiting when, where, and for how long a kid is using one.

Leslie said...

In my fourth pregnancy I experience a good deal of anxiety. It was definitely a hormonal thing, unrelated to anything happening around me. It was much worse in my fifth pregnancy--I often felt like I had a huge knot in my chest, and I would feel panicky and breathless. All this went away, magically, with the birth, and I did not have PPD which I do usually--it was like I got all the bad stuff out of the way early.

So it may be that some of what is going on with you is just physical. I took a lot of hot baths and drank tension tamer tea when I felt that way. And getting things squared away around the house does help some.