getting bigger

I am wearing maternity pants today.

When I sit down at my desk, I have to unbutton them.

I am trying very hard not to gain 50 lbs in this pregnancy like I did in my last three. For one thing, I started this pregnancy 15 lbs over my best weight (although I felt like I looked fine and I definitely felt good).

Then I gained 3 or 4 pounds after I got pregnant in September, which I did not lose between the time I miscarried in early November and when I got pregnant again a month later. And now I've gained 15 lbs so far in this pregnancy.

So I am definitely packing on some weight, although my doctor says I am gaining exactly right.

I also tend to get a ginormous belly. I do not have one of those tiny "is she or isn;t she?" pregnant bellies. I get a BELLY. By six months, people are generally asking me when I'm due and/or when the twins are due. They are always rather shocked when I tell them I have several more months to go. Part of this must be because I am pretty short so the belly is more noticeable.

Yeah...that's it. I'll just keep telling myself that....

Jon likes my belly.


Anonymous said...

Every time you want a burrito, just remember how darned hard it is to get off.

Ma Turner said...

I feel your pain. I am so short-waisted that I looked like I was about to pop at 7 months. Plus I gained 40 lbs over my pregnancy. The snickering doctors at the fancy hospital where I worked didn't help my pregnant self image, I must say. Luckily you seem to feel good and so cheers to that!

Anonymous said...

"Every time you want a burrito, just remember how darned hard it is to get off. "

Actually, its pretty easy if you breastfeed!

ErinOrtlund said...

I always gain a ton too, and like you, I'm short, so it shows more. Oh well--better to gain too much than not enough. Or so I tell myself... ;)

Laura said...

I am 5'2" and gained 40 lbs when pregnant!! Within 2 wks postpartum, 20 had come off. That just sounds so whacked, typing it out. But it's true. 15 more pounds came off without trying, over the next few months. I was skinny, skinny, skinny the whole time I breastfed. My daughter weaned @ 2 yrs old, and within 4 months, I'd gained 10 lbs. It is still here, six years later!! I am really working on it this year.