are you an east tennessee blogger?

Do you blog at least part of the time about your life as a parent?

If so, I want to know of your existence. Let me know about your blog by commenting below.




beth said...

I blog here:

you have to register (free) to read it.

I recently moved to Greeneville, TN from Louisville, KY.

Doug McCaughan said... in Knoxville. Of course, our whole family blogs including all the children except the youngest two who have to learn to read first. Each family member has their own domain, their own flickr account, and their own youtube account.

Tennessee Jed said...

My blog is a little bit different than the average fare. I blog from the position of a father who has always made his payments on time yet has still been beaten down by the child support system. I blog as a father who never gets to see his children due to his ex-wife continuing to make their lives too busy to see me yet I'm too beat down by the system to fight her defiance of court-orders (8 years of fighting taught me the lesson the system wanted to impart, that I have no rights.)

Tennessee Jed said...

Sorry to be so melancholy, but if you're still interested give me a shout.

AT said...

I suppose I fit all of those criteria:
East Tennessee


Arlene said...

I've had a blog since 1999 but it's primarily for friends and family. Meaning... rarely does it make sense.