the morning after

Wow! That was a great party! We definitely had more than 50 people. Great fun!

I have a postparty headache this morning and I didn't even drink (of course). But it's nothing a little tylenol and caffeine (yes, I partake of a bit of caffeine even while pregnant) won't cure.


cathy said...

We had a wonderful time. I posted a few pictures here.

jenbeyt said...

Thanks for a great time. Max has not stopped talking about Jane! He was pretending to hold her in his hands as he showed her all of his toys :) Tres Cute. Please tell Jane thanks for being so kind to Max. All of your children as super sweet. Good job momma!

Doug said...

Thank you for the party! You guys are great!

Anonymous said...

It was an awesome time!
becky and willie