she appears to be an actual, human person

Had our "big," mid-pregnancy ultrasound today. Here's 4D Photo that's pretty neat-o.

Girlbaby looks perfect and healthy in every way. She was wiggling around a lot and sucking on her little fingers.

My doctor says he is A-OK with me transferring to the midwifery center for my primary prenatal care going forward, with my perinatlogists as back-up in case any problems crop up (though he doesn't expect any). So I don't even have to switch perinatologists.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Kag! I was born by midwife also. You dont meet many other people who were. Her name was Sumatra Troy, Im not sure were she was from or how my mom met her but she said that this woman was the greatest. I was born at home off of woodbine near magnolia October 29th 1979. It was snowing and alot of friends and family were at the house when my mom went into labor. My uncle held the mirror so my mom could watch and I was born without any complications.
I hope the same for you. Congrats on your forthcoming new-one. I wish you guys the best.