jogging stroller - yay or nay?

Jon's a runner. He will also be doing a lot of our baby care while I am working.

Should we invest in a jogging stroller for him to use? Or would it gather dust?

For those who run and have babies, what's the verdict?


Clisby said...

Neither of us is a runner, but both found the jogging stroller to be by far the best stroller we had for either of our children.

We lived in downtown Atlanta, near a big city park, and it was great to have a stroller that rolled easily over all kinds of terrain.

Plus, pushing it was less work than any other stroller we had. It was almost like it went by itself.

Rachel said...

A jogging stroller is by far the easiest to push. The down side is they tend to be larger and harder to get into and out of stores.

It's hard to know in advance what you'll want to do after the baby arrives. I suggest a used one if possible.

Anonymous said...

Definite "Yay!" Like others have said, they are easier to push and good for all surfaces. Plus it's a good way to get in shape when you're pushing someone that's urging you to "go FASTER." I'd recommend running with the kid for the runner in the family because you can kill two birds at once; your exercise and fresh air for baby. And it's really not as hard as it looks because the stroller seems to carry its own weight. You do have to be mindful of form though because the action of pushing an inflexible object can mess-up knees and hips if you favor one side for pushing.

uumomma said...

go for it!
i got ours used, at a childrens consinment (sp) shop.

Ma Turner said...

We have an "all terrain" 3-wheel stroller that handles beautifully in the neighborhood, on the greenway and on more challenging terrain. The tires are smaller than joggers but are filled with air like the joggers. The swiveling front wheel is key for great handling when walking. A fixed front wheel is great for running, I hear. Check out the yahoo group Stroller Swap ( for more stroller scoop than you may have every wanted. These folks often sell gently used high end strollers at much more reasonable prices than retail and you can get reviews from people who have actually used the mind-boggling array of strollers available these days. Another great stroller resource is the stroller queen ( who has done more research on this subject than perhaps anyone else on the planet. It pays to study up, however, because strollers aren't cheap and a piece of crap stroller will cause you no end of grief. Happy hunting!

holly said...

Get one! You won't actually be able to run until baby is a bit bigger, but I think you'll be glad you have it. Running aside, joggers usually have more space for holding stuff (like groceries) and are better in snow (should that be an issue for you).

I'd have almost no chance of running if I didn't have mine, so it is a godsend for me. I run and stop at the playground for my boys to play along the way, so we all enjoy it.

I also consider pushing 55 lbs. of boys and 25-30 lbs. of stroller a secret weapon for training--when you run without it, you feel like you're flying! has a cool wizard feature to help you decide what kind you might want, and also reader reviews. I'm not affiliated with the site, I'm just a happy customer.

Naomi said...

We got the Baby Jogger II with the largest available wheels. It rocks. My husband used it to run only a few times, but as a stroller for brisk walking, or for hiking on grass or gravel (or even snow), it's unbeatable.

It is bulky, and it takes a couple of minutes to set up and take down. We left it fully assembled and sitting in our living room, and wished we had a mud room for it, or a larger garage.

Laura said...

loved our jogger. still do and the "baby" is now 5. ours folds and unfolds with one hand.
i have an umbrella stroller i keep in the van for stores, the mall and such.

Clisby said...

Yes, I kept an umbrella stroller for the odd occasion when I really needed to take a stroller into a building (I tried to avoid that if possible.)

I think you would definitely not want to wrestle a jogging stroller into a store.

Clisby said...

Oh, and I second the suggestions to try to find one secondhand. We paid $15 for hours, and it was in pristine condition.

Anonymous said...

We used ours over farm terrain and really appreciated it during the 1st and 2nd years. We also got a folding umbrella-style stroller for travels. I was also lucky enough to have a handed down English "pram" for use in the house (rolling from room to room) and in some park-like venues---beautiful thing to have, very roomy and can even hold two sleeping babies if you are going on a play date.

Katie S. said...

Target sells a Schwin Chariot/Jogger for $125. If you bike the chariot is great and it comes with part to make it a jogger. Two kids can ride in it, new baby plus cousin? Or if you are going to a Farmers Market you can put baby in it and a bunch of groceries. Probably don;t need until the baby sits up though.

Mary Beth said...

I've had two (single and double) and I adore them.

Sidewalks are in terrible condition where I live and it's really hard to push a regulare stroller.

I have heard that if you want to jog/run rather than walk you need the bigger wheels.