My daughter J. is a natural fashionista.

I love clothes, but I do not love shopping or trying to dress anyone else.

J. loves clothes, LOVES shopping and loves figuring out what other people should wear. She has a natural fashion sense.

So she's decided that she and she alone will be the fashion advisor to her baby sister, once she arrives. I have already told her she can choose the outfit in which baby Charlotte will come home from the hospital.

And yesterday, she called me from her father's to say that she had hit some estate sales on Friday, where she bought baby Ugg boots and some other "very cute" baby clothes.

Charlotte has her own stylist, and she isn't even born yet.


dewi said...

Fashion Stylist for Babies

No one has thought of it in NY and Hollywood!
Keep on shopping those estate and yard sales. Keep in mind the season and sizes as a baby grows.

Anonymous said...

sorry to disappoint you dewi, but someone has already thought of it! Hollywood is full of upscale stylists for famous babies.