katie couric, always trying to copy me ;-)


Folks sometimes ask me how I happened to end up married to someone significantly younger than I am. I always say honestly that I never would have imagined such a thing. The idea seemed very foreign to me before I met Jon.

The first time Jon and I went out, I didn't know exactly how old he was. I thought he might be 3-6 years younger than I was, but I wasn't 100% sure. I thought we might be about the same age. Then it came up in casual conversation when he had graduated high school. I literally choked on my drink.

I struggled with the idea that he was younger when we were first dating, but the more I got to know him, the more I just sorta forgot about it. I certainly know lots of women whose husbands are quite a bit OLDER than they are.

Now I barely even think about it. People don't seem to notice unless I mention it (and then women usually give me a "you go girl!" response). I guess it's good motivation for me to take good care of myself.

He's just Jon, and I'm just me, and I realize my previous prejudices against age differences between adults who care for each other were baseless.


Anonymous said...

I think you look younger than he does!

He's a great guy. You are so lucky and everyone is really happy for both of you. He seems to truly love you and the children.

Anonymous said...

I have seen Jon with the children and he is wonderful. They seem to really like him.

Paula said...

My husband is 14 years older than I am. It was a bigger deal when I was 17 and he was 32, than it is now that he is 51 and I am 36. I almost never think of it, and it feels like we are in the same place in life. He looks younger with me. I feel sort of like it all evens out, like we are both somewhere around 40.

Anonymous said...

Wait until you turn 48 or 49 and the AARP starts sending you their magazine.Jon will have a good time with that one!(My husband certainly has.)Always remember-It's only a number!

Anonymous said...

A girl of 17 and a guy of 32 is very very creepy!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. There is age difference and there is age difference. Also you can have the same gap but at different times in ones life it takes on a different meaning. I would be most concerned if my 17 year old was being pursued by a 32 year old man. HOWEVER if ten years later a 27 year old was interested in a 42 year old it just wouldn't seem as creepish and sick. I think the older you get the less the age gap matters. I know eighty year old guys married to sixty year old women and its all the same to me...but if it was a twenty year old and a forty year old...there would just be something wrong with that picture