beginning to feel really pregnant

I am now 21 weeks pregnant. As with my other pregnancies, I look and feel thoroughly pregnant now, although some women are barely showing at this point. Me, I'm huge.

I am starting to feel quite pregnant. I feel totally great, but very pregnant. It's getting hard to turn over in bed. I can't lie on my back any more. And when I stand or walk for long periods, I get pretty achy in my lower belly. I am amazed when I hear about women who are still running regularly until their third trimester. I can't even imagine it.

But I am enjoying every minute of it. I really do love feeling her kick. And it's thrilling seeing Jon so happy and excited. He's really into the pregnancy. He's been reading "The Birth Partner" by Penny Simkin, and the other day we were out somewhere when he suddenly and very earnestly asked, "So when are we supposed to start the perineal massage?"

"Not now. Not here," I told him.

But it's wonderful to have a husband who is so involved and interested. It makes it more fun. He's gonna be a kickass daddy.

Soon J. and I are going to start shopping for some babygirl clothes. She has some definite ideas about how her little sister will be clothed.

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Georgia said...

So glad to see that you are really, really enjoying this pregnancy. While I only know you and Jon through the computer, I just had a good feeling that he was going to be a supportive, excited, nurturing, kind of pregnancy partner.

Let me know what J. deems as "appropriate" little sister styling clothes. I'm anxious to know if what I've chosen for the infant fall lines for the store will mesh with what she envisions.
(Some buyers do take children with them to the showrooms to get their opinions about what to purchase...)