anti-obesity infant formula?

This sounds creepy to me.

It's actually just the latest attempt to manufacture the living properties of human bresatmilk (available free to the vast majority of human infants, straight from their mothers) and MAKE WOMEN PAY MONEY FOR IT.

(Hat tip to M.B.)


Sarah said...

Lots of us can't breastfeed. Formula manufacturers don't make me use formula. My baby depends on formula to live, and I do pay money for it. In the days before formula, I would have had to find a wetnurse or watch my son starve to death.

Formula is a good thing, and I am glad they are working to make it as much like breastmilk as possible.

Anonymous said...

thank you Sarah.

Anonymous said...

and BTW, obesity is caused by couch potatoing it while you suck down the ice cream, not infant formula. If there is anything to this, my entire high school would have been full of goodyear blimpettes and as much as I remember most of them were skinny. Some extremely so. I remember only a handful of fat kids and they were the ones you saw stuffing themselves in the cafeteria. It had nothing to do with the way they were fed as infants.
Further I might add, if formula is so cause and effect with obesity, why are there so many more fat kids NOW, when breastfeeding is the highest its been since formula was invented, than there were during the forties, fifties and sixties when I would dare say almost all babies were bottlefed????