big kid

For most girls, a major "I'm getting grown up" milestone is that first pair of heels, or maybe being allowed to wear some make-up.

For girls who ride horses, however, it's that first pair of tall boots (as opposed to the ankle-high jodphur boots that little girls wear.)

Today was the big day for J.; we took her to get measured for her first pair of tall boots. As it happened, they had some in stock in her size. She was able to wear them out of the tack shop.

And then then she continued to wear them until bedtime (see photo below), with a huge grin on her face the whole time. This was a very exciting day for a girl who has been riding since she was five years old.

I love this picture, which I took on our front porch tonight. As it happened, each of the 3 kids was suited up for their favorite activity: H. was playing guitar, J. had just come from the barn in breeches and tall boots, and E. had just come from soccer practice.

Picture 029

Picture 001

Picture 038


flypony said...

Ahhh, the first pair of tall boots. I think I got mine when I was 12 or 13. I rode in them for 13 years until the soles began to fall off when I was walking my stadium course at River Glen (had to send mom to the barn for black electrical tape!). It killed me to have to "retire" that special first pair. Here's to a long successful career for Jane in her new boots! We won't talk about the PAIN of breaking them in...

dewi said...

I remember the lovely ordeal when my daughter was finally old enough for tall boots. They make the girl's look and feel so powerful.

katie allison granju said...

She is definitely feelin' the pain breaking in those boots!

karrie said...

Your children are lovely! :)