introduce yourself!

I notice from my blog stats that I have a lot of new readers lately. Seems like now is as good a time as any to put out my semi-regular call for folks to introduce themselves.

So who are you? Where do you live? What brought you to the blog? How often do you visit?

Comment below (and I'll get the ball rolling).


katie allison granju said...

I'm Katie: mother, wife, writer, TV producer, blogger, sister-daughter-granddaughter-niece-aunt, and lover of power pop music.

I'm currently knocked up.

Et tu?

Anonymous said...

Longtime KAG fan after reading your work in Love the blog, and have REALLY loved reading about all the happy new things going on in your life in the past year!

Blessings to you.


Eric said...

I'm Eric...I'm a new KAG reader. Engineer, husband, uncle, "compulsive" blogger...And constantly looking for something new to learn.

Gaman að hitta þig!

Paula said...

I'm not new! I read you every day, and especially like your links to articles about parenting and breastfeeding. My sons are 9 and 7 so I can relate to the guns and knives and backyard adventures that your Eliot has.

I was a winner your Organic Pregnancy book, but figure that with the pregnancy and marriage, it just got dropped.

You make Tennesee seem downright appealing. And I'm so happy for your array of riches now.

I'm living with my husbands' folks. We share a house in the Bay Area in Northern California. That is a meaty challenge, plus I'm a birth and PP Doula and a LLL leader. I love my husband and my boys.

katie allison granju said...

Paula! I suck! I didn't realize you hadn't gotten your book. E-mail me your address again and I will mail it out this weekend. I promise.


Katherine Coble said...

I've lurked for awhile both here and at JH's blogs. I first found you through NiT.

I live in Nashville, and I visit whenever you pop up in the reader.

Arlene said...

Im Arlene, mom, wife, web designer.
I'm a k-twn blogger as well but what I write is way less interesting than your blog. :)

John Michael said...

I read your article about over-parenting on last week and really enjoyed it.

Laura said...

i'm laura
wife for 24 years
mommy of 5 kids ages 20, 15, 13, 10 and 5: four girls and the little prince.
nicu rn for 17 years which is how i met my son 5 years ago. that's right! i fell in love with my patient...all 1lb 6 oz of him!
blogger for 2 years.
all around juggler.
i don't recall how i found your blog but i have been reading it for about a year now and visit daily.

ErinOrtlund said...

I'm Erin. I discovered you while we were living in Scotland--enjoyed some of the articles I found online about AP and somehow that led me here. We live in Canada now (although we are Americans), and I now have two kids, a girl who is 2 1/2 and a boy, 3 months. I check in about every day.

Marcia said...

I'm just here to stalk Laura.

MelissaM said...

I'm Melissa: mother of an 8yo girl and a 4yo boy, wife, veterinarian, person to 3 greyhounds and 4 cats, very mediocre co-ed softball player, and beginning horseback rider.

I first heard your name (it's pretty memorable) when you were writing your attachment parenting book. I was on a breastfeeding email list and I think you asked for anecdotes to be contributed.

Several weeks ago, I was doing a search on parents of horseback riding children, and one of the links had your name in it. I recognized it from the AP book so it caught my attention. It was a link to your blog from a couple years ago showing pictures from a Fiesta Farms show. I recognized several of the girls who happen to have gone to school with my daughter and I realized you were in Knoxville, which is where I live! It just seemed too much of a coincidence so I had to check out your blog.

Weird, eh?

P.S. My husband LOVED your article on overparenting - he said it's pretty much exactly how he feels about parenting!

helen said...

I'm Helen. On child care leave from my science teaching gig with my (first)10 week old baby girl.

I am a wanna-be health nut and enviro freak...trying to go completely organic this spring. In my raisin years, I want to retire and buy a small RV (biodiesel of course) and roam around the US taking nature photos. Of course, my mother reminds me that I need to have actually worked for 20 or so years at the same job to have something to "retire" from.

I went to college with Kate but been out of touch for a few years.

beth said...

I'm Beth, I've noted a few times. Been reading you a few months now.

I just moved to Greeneville TN and realize there isn't much crunch out this way. I feel like I'm the only one! I think I found you by googling TN bloggers.

I have 3 kids, boy 8, boy 5 and girl 2. Have gone from totally mainstream with #1 (except for BF) to mostly crunchy with #3.

I am an unemployed CLC now that I've moved. I want another wahm CLC job like I had in my old city.

I am looking to do some CLC volunteer work with a local unwed mother's home, and (as soon as I get some decent boots) to volunteer at a local horse rescue farm. If things go well at the farm, I might get my first horse sometime next year. I like to cook, but I hate to bake.

I blog at I wish I knew how to make money at it.

Theresa said...

I'm Theresa....we were third-grade buddies and I missed you so much when you moved to Bell Buckle. Your pencil scribbled address was lost long ago but a recent Google search and... serendipity! Anyway, I've been reading your blog for a couple weeks and read my library's copy of AP. Who new there was a title to describe the way I raised my own girls. You remain as cool as I remember!

Denette said...

I'm Denette and a wife and Mother to a 2yr old boy. I am due in October with my second. I found your blog through AT's who is a friend of mine. I live outside of Knoxville in Anderson County. After finishing my general degree last year I stay at home now. I was breastfed and self weaned at 3 and cloth diapered so I had my Mother to thank for that. I love to be outdoors when it's sunny and love to travel.

Dewi (not my real name) said...

I think Katie has her finger on contemporary parenting unlike any other writer. I completely agree with her point of view when it comes to birth, breastfeeding and parenting so I try to read almost everyday. I also agree with her that too much Homework is ruining family life as we used to know it.

I have the same mate for 27 years and we have a 20-year-old daughter. She turned out to be a really fabulous person even though I held her all the time, slept with her, and nursed her too much and paid attention to her needs when she was a baby, but tried my best to ignore her by the time she was in middle school.
She was never a "clingy" child and enjoyed playing in traffic and bossing around on thousand pound horses when she was no more then 75 pounds. She is a terrific young adult and now one of my favorite people, though I have no interest in being best friends. I am still mom! She thinks the world of me, though she used to hate me as if I was Satan when she was 14-17 years old.

I talk too much and like to eat too much, my passion is birth and breastfeeding.
I am a doula, lactation consultant and Childbirth educator and detest teaching childbirth classes so I don't ever teach. I own a doula service and employ 13 other doulas. In a previous life, I was not a do gooder I was a set decorator, prop master for movies and TV commercials, and hated small children and animals. I once gaffer taped a small child to a table top on the set of a Huggies diaper commercial.

Now I like babies and animals, and wish for world peace and all humans to have the advantage of their mama's milk.

Eliza said...

hi, i'm new. i discovered your blog a couple of months ago when trying to learn about attachment parenting on the internet. i'm 29, i live in s. california, and i'm a lawyer. i'm pregnant with my first baby (a boy!), and am kind of obsessed lately with reading about pregnancy, parenting, etc. -- thus, your blog.

Sarah said...

Hi -- I am one of the new readers. Found you through the link at Babble.

I just had my first child, a boy. He's 7 weeks old. I'm 40, so I waited a long time for this. I need all the advice I can get.

Also, though I don't ride now, I grew up riding all the time, especially easy since I lived next door to the stable. I spent years in Pony Club, which is an organization devoted to developing the team of a "happy kid on a happy horse." It will be hard for me to watch my kid on a horse -- I know all the suicidally dangerous stuff I did on horseback as a teen!

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,
I am Leslie and I met you through Jay. I painted the door that his dog distroyed and I read your blog. I find all the woman/mother self determinative blogs highly interesting. And I am a neighbor. Hi neighbor. Leslie

Anonymous said...

About 14 years ago I worked at the John Tarleton home in Knoxville. I had a friend there that introduced me briefly to you. I think we took the kids swimming at your apartment once. Several years and a couple of kids later I was googling attachment parenting and your name came up. I read a couple of your articles and thought, "Hey I think I might have met this person!" and then I found your blog and have been following it ever since. I don't live in Knoxville anymore and it is nice to read about it. So that is my small world story!
S in Colorado

mamalife said...

I read you every day, found you after reading your Attachment Parenting book when my now 3-year old (tomorrow!) daughter was only a couple months old. Was already doing these things, because my daughter would have it no other way, much to the dismay of our families... and thank you so much for putting it in black & white that it was OKAY. Am a pediatric nurse, and a 40-year old mama.

Amy said...

I started reading your blog long ago, fell away from it for quite some time and have recently been back and reading every day.

Your AP book was a life saver for me as a new parent and made me feel completely okay with how we were doing things. Now I'm a mother of three and LLL Leader in South Dakota. :-)

Bob said...

Hi, Been off and on reading your blog for years, first learned of you via Shelley Ridenour, read your stuff in the "Pulse" religiously. Love your take on parenting, glad to see good things as I remember reading all the (now deleted) posts about your marriage breakdown. Karma can be a good thing or a bad thing - we know which way it went for you. Never parented but you make it seem much more fun than I ever believed possible.

Amy said...

from Nashville, so found you through NiT; started reading pretty regularly because I, too, am knocked up :) due with our first in August.

Alecia said...

I'm Alecia - I live in Minneapolis with my husband, 2 sons (2yrs and 4 1/2 months), and 2 cats. I've read some of your attachment parenting stuff and discovered your blog from the Babble overparenting article. What a timely piece of writing! My husband and I have been thinking and talking a lot about how we want to parent the boys as they get bigger and past the young baby/toddler stage.

Rachel said...

I'm a medical librarian in Nashville, but used to read your AP column in the Metro Pulse when I was in Knoxville working for a non-profit. I'm not sure how I found your blog, but I recognized your name from the column and knew it would be interesting.