baby kicks

The great thing about feeling your baby move is...well...feeling your baby move.

The bad part is that if you don't feel much or anything for 24 hours, you start to worry.

NewBaby has been extremely quiet all day yesterday and this morning. If I don't get some baby kick action by later today, I think I'll ask my midwives if I can pop in for a quick heartbeat check..


clara said...

of course I'm sure you tried this, but, drinking a glass of OJ (or soda) & lying on your left side may make her more active. Sometimes they have quiet days,esp. before 25+ weeks, where they start to get routines in there.

katie allison granju said...

she's finally giving me some kicks this afternoon.

BIG relief!

clara said...


Arlene said...

You just mention that you want them to hook you up to the little belly band heart beat thingy (NST) and they'll do it.

I had my baby girl there in October and got to know the midwives pretty well. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, the kid has to sleep, too! :) Glad she is awake now.

cathy said...

As the pregnancy progressed, I would obsess with increasing frequency over baby movements. If I hadn't felt anything recently, I'd lie on my side until I felt rolls or kicks. Dog wants out? Sorry, I'm busy concentrating on my belly.