start your week off right....

...with Big Star playing SEPTEMBER GURLS, live.

Pure pop perfection.

Which reminds me, I have been discussing with some friends what the best pop song ever recorded is. My vote is for "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys.

(Please play this at my funeral)

Enter your vote below, but remember, you only get to pick ONE song, and it has to be a pop song.


muffy said...

HA! you gave the exact same answer i always give, miss katie:

"god only knows" by the beach boys.

i always say that when you die and enter the gates of heaven -- if you believe in such a place and if so, are lucky enough to get in -- that what you smell is sauteeing garlic and what you hear is "god only knows" by the beach boys. perfect!


dewi said...

Baby Love
By The Supremes

Laura Linger said...

"There She Goes" by The La's

Anonymous said...

Heroes - David Bowie

Every Little Thing She Does is Magic - The Police

Gardening at Night - REM

Lovefool - The Cardigans

- Your Brother

katie allison granju said...

Laura's pick is my second pick.

katie allison granju said...

Robert - You are so lame not to be going with me to Bonnaroo this year. I will be SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANt and I am still dragging myself over to Manchester to see The Police. And you only live 8 minutes away, for goodness' sake!

Emily Smith said...

Robert doesn't believe in going to music festivals.

Anonymous said...

What is Life by George Harrison