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helen said...

Before Tess was born I really, really liked the name "Emily" but when I did the search on the SS website it was I think number 2 last year. I worried about her being in first grade and being Emily R. or Emmy or something (like Jennifer was when I was in first grade). However, I still love the name Emily and the name Emma!

Anonymous said...

what happened to letting it be Jon's decision?

katie allison granju said...

it's totally his decision. just giving him some data to work with.


Anonymous said...

Charlotte is a lovely name, but be aware that it is rapidly becoming popular in many areas with parents searching for a pretty, old-fashioned name that's not too popular. I think that's what happened to Emma about five years ago.

I know at least four Charlottes between the ages of baby and five (I live in New York). Uber trendy magazine editor-personality Jane Pratt has a daughter named Charlotte who is four or five years old. That means the masses will soon follow.

Annabel and Georgia are much less common and very pretty. I do know an Annabel, but she is 8. I don't know anyone named Georgia.

Anonymous said...

There are two Charlottes at my daughter's Nashville Montessori school. I think they are about two and three years old.

Anonymous said...

I know a toddler named Charlotte Anne, which is a really nice name. I like Charlotte best.

Cheryl said...

Yes I predict Charlotte to get lots more popularity in the next few years but its still a great name.

I have never even heard that name Georgia.

Anonymous said...

I would vote for Charlotte if it weren't so popular in my San Francisco neighborhood. It is expecially loved by the affluent yuppy women adopting Chinese babies. Every other Chinese baby or toddler I meet is named Charlotte. The others are all named Daisy.

Anonymous said...

I love Georgia!

lcreekmo said...

I know a Georgia but she's in her mid-30s.

No one else seems to have liked Clara, my favorite.

Though I have a soft spot for Catherine, since it can be nicknamed so easily. I really, really like nicknames.

Can't wait to see what Jon picks!

Denette said...

We were going to name our baby Georgia if it were a girl since it means "farmer" and we are a family of farmers but we had a boy instead. I know of SO many Emmas.

Anonymous said...

I live in the Boston area and Charlotte is very popular here with babies and toddlers.

Anonymous said...

I am a name geek. I did the math for you, based on SSA stats.

There were only 2400 babies named Charlotte born in the United States in 2005. If you divide that out by 50 states, that is 48 Charlottes per state. Not very many!