doctors becoming less willing to allow VBACs

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Denette said...

Funny how they don't mention how many of those patients who had ruptures were given some sort of drug to induce labor and or the previous section wasn't double layered stitched like so many Drs are doing now to save time and money.

Anonymous said...

I'm 56. My children are 30 and 28. I taught childbirth ed. and Lamaze (as well as high school English) for years since they were toddlers. The more I read (and enjoy your blog:) the more I realize how much things have NOT changed.
Breastfeeding, homebirths, midwives, and now "doctors becoming less willing to allow VBACs ... We were debating these issues passionately 30 years ago. Did we do a crappy job fighting for change? Maybe, because babies are still being born in hospitals, drinking formula from bottles and being delivered by c-section. I think there's a happy medium here and safe choices were really what we wanted. I'm so glad that you younger women haven't given up, or given in to the medical community.
As you grow older your focus will change as I'm sure you're aware and your passions will too.
For me right now, I'm concerned about bullied kids growning up, buying guns and going on murderous rampages on college campuses.

Leslie said...

I recommend the book Open Season to anyone hoping for a VBAC. It really inspired me when I was preparing for mine. Women need to be willing to stand up for themselves and switch doctors instead of giving in to groundless fears. It was very sad to me that after my VBAC (after 3 sections and with a VERY big baby)my doctor told me that many of his other patients, instead of being impressed, were saying things to him like, "You won't let ME have a big baby like that vaginally, will you?" Women have to believe in themselves and their bodies; doctors are not going to do it for them.

Oh, and my doctor also told me that his colleagues thought he was crazy for "letting" me VBAC, not once but twice.