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dewi said...

It is time for Americans to be considerate of mothers and baby's needs.

It is cultural to puritanical USA to become isolated at home when you're breastfeeding a baby. In my opinion all new parenting can be very isolating it has nothing to do with the feeding method. However many nursing moms perpetuate and continue to create their own hell by curtailing activities because they want to avoid public scrutiny and don't feed the baby outside the house or use some isolated room. When will our county get over that it is just a feeding a baby?

All over the world (including all the other first world countries) mothers go about their day with the kid in tow and feed a baby whenever the need arises without any regard to public opinion nor would any polite person dare to say anything or stare at a nursing mothers if her chest does get exposed..

The more women hide at home or do not feed in public in our twisted culture, the worse it becomes. The public at large needs to learn to be polite and considerate to the nursing mothers and not offend us when we are feeding our child in public. It is not the other way around where we should have to be considerate of some twisted person's point of view about public nursing.

katie allison granju said...

Dewi is my parenting doppelganger ;-)

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you all would just shut up and discretely and quietly do your business everything would be okay?