the definitive resource on co-sleeping


This wonderful book is now available, and I recommend it to everyone who wants to learn what co-sleeping is, and why it's safer and healthier for babies. It's written by Dr. James McKenna, who heads up the THE MOTHER-BABY SLEEP LAB at Notre Dame.

Here is a great collection of INFORMATION on the hows and whys of sleeping with your young'un.


ErinOrtlund said...

Looks interesting! I was impacted by something Jean Liedloff wrote in The Continuum Concept. Basically that for most of human history, to be apart from your mother at night was a grave danger. Modern babies do not realize that Mom and Dad are next door and they are safe. For all they know, a wild animal may be lurking nearby, or perhaps the tribe has up and abandoned them! No wonder they protest!

mamalife said...

How wonderful. I love what I know and have read of Dr. McKenna.

Anonymous said...

After a busy day looking after my three children, cuddling up at night with my baby boy is a way of getting some quality time together. Often by the early morning my toddler daughter joins us as well for cuddles and a breastfeed. It just feels right.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great book. I co-slept with my first baby, a very physical, huggy, clingy child. My second child, who's very sweet and wonderful, doesn't like touch quite as much. She actually informs me when she's out of hugs and kisses. I found with her, cosleeping wasn't what she wanted; she slept much better in her crib.

So, as with a lot of things, following the cues that our individual kids give us can lead to good results. There doesn't have to be a universal "best" way to do things -- just the best way for your kids (and for you - let's not forget that the sleep quality of parents is important, too).