new playground in bell buckle


James and Julie have expressed their desire to have donations made in Ward's memory to be sent to the Bell Buckle Park to build the playground. The Anderson family stated that if something were built at the park through memorial donations that it would give them comfort to be able to visit there.

With that in mind, we will all rally to do whatever is necessary to help build anything that the Anderson family designates as a memorial to Ward. Donations may be sent to Bell Buckle Park, PO Box 276, Bell Buckle, TN 37020. Chekcs can be made to the Bell Buckle Park with "Ward Anderson Memorial Fund" written on the "for" line. An acknowledgement of the donation will be forwarded to James and Julie.

If you have any questions at all on the donation or playground, please feel free to call me at 931-389-6784 or email me back at The Bell Buckle Park Board will help in any way they can to further this project. You may view a rendering of the proposed playground at

Jenny Hunt
Chairman, Bell Buckle Park & Recreation

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