From James, Ward's dad:

"Julie and I are back home with the boys and are healing as best we can. Ward was a beautiful little boy, and those who knew him were very very lucky. We will all miss him.

Julie and I want to thank everyone for their good-wishes; those received and those not. They were and are a great comfort.

Julie and I don't know what to expect. We are learning as we go along. We will try to be stronger and more compassionate people now. We have learned so much from Ward, his doctors and nurses, the other parents of sick children at the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, and friends and family. The Bell Buckle community has made me very humble. It is hard to express what we are feeling in that regard.

Julie and I do not want to be treated as a fragile piece of glass, too delicate to touch. Instead, we are taking all of the visits, messages and calls from people right now and are using them to help rebuid the foundations of our souls. Please see us. Please call us. Please talk to us about Ward. We so desperately want to keep his memories alive.

Julie and I hope to have a children's playground constructed and dedicated in Ward's memory at the Bell Buckle Park. We are trying hard to not be bitter. We are trying hard to keep from avoiding other small children. By having Ward's memorial a place where children play, we will be with children nearly everytime we visit Ward's spot. It will be good for us. Donations can be made to the Bell Buckle Park/Ward Anderson Fund. They can be mailed to:

Town of Bell Buckle
Ward Anderson Park Fund
Railroad Square
Bell Buckle, TN

We hope to see as many of you as possible on Saturday. Again, Julie and I can't thank you enough."

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