I have been listening to this record a good bit lately anyway:

But it has been my constant companion as I've driven back and forth between Knoxville and Middle TN in the past week. It's such a beautiful record and has been just what I needed to hear right now.

I already thought Mic Harrison has one of the great rock and roll voices I've ever heard (Seriously. I really mean that), but his lyrics are also, well, lyrical ;-)

Highly recommended.

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Christina B. Jackson said...

Dear Family,

The news of your tragedy has struck me like no other. I have cried endless tears remembering the carefree days of our childhood together when this was never imaginable.

I truly wish I could offer some comfort right now; but all I can offer are my prayers and the prayers of my family. We pray that God will give you peace and that you will once again know joy and happiness.

With great love and sincerest sympathy,

Christina (Chrissy Basiel) Jackson
and Family