cook without a book

My sweet friend Jay's new cooking column is up now. It's about the joys of garlic.

His house does indeed always smell really yummy. Plus, he makes his own really good beer and has a real wine cellar (closet) always full of good stuff.

Jay needs to be somebody's boyfriend. He's perfect boyfriend material. Just look how adorable he is in that photo on his column.


Anonymous said...

To put it in the words of another generation..."Well DUH". He looks adorable! Why are you not claiming him for your own boyfriend? The photo doesn't really give his age; is it right for you?

katie allison granju said...

Jay and I dated for a while. We decided we make much better pals. But I love him. Some woman should snap him up without delay. Did I mention he cooks?

mamalife said...

I love his column - it is hilarious and true ... hmmm... I think since you've said you don't cook, you and Jay would make a great pair!

katie allison granju said...

He cooks for me. He brings me flowers. He takes care of my dogs when I am away. He's hilarious. He has the best manners on the planet. He's convenient, living only a few short blocks away from me.

But we are not cut out to date. We tried ;-) We are good friends and whether he likes it or not, I claim veto power over his girlfriends.

He deserves someone wonderful, so I'm prmoting him to all my single friends.