Here is an article about baby Ward's death in our hometown newspaper today.

I feel so sad today. It's an indescribable, heavy, smothering type of sadness I've never really experienced before.


Libby said...

I'm so sorry, Katie. So sorry for your family.

Anonymous said...

Katie, I'm so sorry. The smothering sadness is the worst part of being a human, I think.

The only good thing that *ever* comes out of it is if it makes you realize how precious life is. And how important the people you love are. And makes you cling to them and appreciate the days we are given to live on this earth.

It's not fair for a beautiful baby to die. I do hope his parents get some help so they don't blame themselves. Both my parents blamed themselves for my brother's death. It was not their fault.

Anonymous said...

Former Webbie following this story on your site. I just spent the weekend with my 15 year-old (he lives with his mom, I see him on the weekends), and I can't even start to imagine how empty Ward's parents must feel. I agree with other posters here - I hope no one blames themselves - sometimes bad things happen, and they are inexplicable, and painful, but they aren't anybody's fault. Hug your kids, pray for the family and don't let this wreck the survivors - it's easy to do.

You're all in my prayers.
Mr. Anonymous

Ms. Booty Homemaker said...

I'm so very sorry for the loss of Baby Ward; I know your whole tribe must be reeling and we'll continue to hold them in the light from here. Pregnant with a boy babe here in Nashville, and planning to deliver at Vanderbilt, you've all been much in my thinking over the last few days. Then in Bell Buckle on Sunday meeting up w/ my best friend, I saw some of the blue ribbons prior to knowing to what to attribute them; Ward and his loved ones will remain in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

you know, I almost didnt post this, because I am sure some will interpret it the wrong way, but reading this made me think of something. what if an accident WAS someones fault? how could they go on then? I know someone who killed an entire family in a car accident. it WAS her fault...she bent down for a moment and lost control of her car. and the driver of the other vehicle had parked in a bad space and had a full can of gas in the back of his jeep. the only reason she did not kill herself (literally) over the guilt was because she turned to God and accepted his grace.