wedding license, redux

My friend, D. makes an excellent point that I shouldn't be complaining about being able to pay for and receive sanction from the state to get married (as I did in my wedding license post below) when so many Americans are denied the right to legally marry.

Take a minute to read up on how your gay friends and neighbors are being DENIED THEIR CIVIL RIGHTS.


karrie said...

I'm so glad to be a Masshole!

Its nice to be able to blame fights with my husband on any one of the dozen or so middle-aged, married lesbian couple in our neighborhood. Damn them for having such nice flower gardens, and tempting cookout smells. Raises the expectatins on me, I tell ya. ;)

Kelly O said...

Hey, that's very cool. As the sister of a sister, thanks. Here are other ways to help for those who are interested.

Dr. Neighbor said...

I really didn't understand your complaining about paying for a marriage license. You pay for drivers licenses and dog licenses, why not marriage licenses? They have to process the thing and keep it on file and such. You don't have to renew it every year and you porbably aren't going to be getting many more.