Our first two mornings getting ready for school have been a mixed bag. H. seems better able to get up and at 'em this year (so far he is really likeing the highg school he chose), while the younger two - particularly J. - seem to be having more trouble. I feel like I spend the whole morning fussing at everyone to hurryhurryhurry, which puts me and everyone else in a nasty humour.

So on our way to school this morning, the four of us discussed what sort of plan could ease the morning crazies. They hate my constant hectoring in the morning and I hate it too. So we have decided that instead of me waking the kids up, they will each answer to their own alarm clock. Breakfast will be available between 6:30 and 7am and not after, period. I will not fuss at anyone to hurry or get up or get dressed. All organizational tasks, like getting gym clothes together and forms signed by me has to happen the night before, period. I will give a 15 minute warning before we are walking out the door. And when it's time to leave, I am leaving. If someone isn't ready, they will risk missing school. For real.

Elliot is the exception, here, of course, because he's only 8 years old and still needs some help and guidance, but the middle schooler and high school student in the family have both got to start taking more responsibility for how their mornings go.

Our morning commute consists of a 50 mile round trip each day, with two different school drop-offs, and me having to get to my job on time. So we really do have to be on the ball each morning to get everyone where they need to be. Plus, I hate starting the day feeling like all anyone has done is argue and fuss at one another. I am hopeful that this plan, which the children bought into, will make a difference.

Because I don't want to have another morning like this one any time soon :-)

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