the neverending move

I am between two houses. I am mostly moved into the new one, but still trying to sell the old one. And I don't have everything moved out of the old one.

It seems like we have been moving, unpacking, cleaning and organizing the two houses for weeks and in fact, we actually have. Room by room.

Jon and I spent all day yesterday unpacking boxes and putting away and hanging photos at the new house. Then this morning I had to get up early to work on getting the old house cleaner and tidier and smelling sweet for the open house that is supposedly going to take place there this afternoon.

I say supposedly because MY REALTOR hasn't put up any signs or anything around the neighborhood letting folks know there will be an open house today. I have no idea whether she has done any advertising of the open house or not. Maybe I'm wrong, but I sort of get the impression that she isn't doing much to sell the house. I have no idea how to be sure of this except that the house isn't sold. We did drop the price to 99K this week.

In a few weeks we will have to discuss figuring out at what point it makes sense for me financially to consider renting it to someone on a month-to-month basis. It's such a great house. I want to find someone who will love it like I do.

And I have to say, I do lovelovelove our new house. I feel so happy and at-home here and the children are just beyond thrilled.

One week 'til wedding. Woohoo!

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