fire escape ladder?

Jon and I need to buy a fire escape ladder for the children for the second story of our new house. Their bedrooms are all upstairs and ours in downstairs.

So I went to order one online and there are so many different kinds that I have no idea what to buy. Anyone know anything about this? What the best kind is and where to get them?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could call your local fire hall. I heard a couple of fire fighters talking about these the other night and I'd be they know which ones are best.

dedanaan said...

I think Home Depot sells them.

Anonymous said...

The best rated is Kidde--you can get it on too! 25' retractable and its $69.99. We have two. We also have Kidde smoke alarms. The amazon site is

Carrie said...

We have the ones from the One Step Ahead catalogue and really like them.

Anonymous said...

Carrie, why do you "really like them"? I hope you have never used them yet?

Suzette said...

Of course she has "used them", how else would you practice Exit drills in case of emergency? Do you think the kids would get out the instructions during a fire and read them?

Wolverine said...

Anonymous, I can vouch that naming yourself after your favorite hero of fiction (or real life, for that matter) is extrememly satisfying. I fail to see why you don't give yourself a handle so people can tell which anonymous you are.

Some suggestions:

Lawrence of Arabia
Joan Fontaine
Anakin Skywalker

Anonymous said...

How about a firepole/batman pole instead?