oh sheesh

This guy's op-ed on how FEMINISM RUINED MEN is absurd.

He sounds like he has certain....insecurities, if you know what I mean.

Me thinks he doth protest toomuch.


dedanaan said...

He sounds like he's struggling with both Western cultural and masculinity issues. And maybe watched too many dick flicks where "the little woman" likes being roughed up before being ravished. The dude needs to join the 21st century.

My big question is, why on earth did his wife marry HIM?

Chuck Dhue said...

And "How Feminism Is The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ" is legit? Come on, get real. These feminists need to go have clitorectomies and come back to reality. This is America, not Iran, remember?

DanceDiva said...

I liked the comment below the piece that read, "A real man wouldn't cheat on his wife."

Yeah, why DID she marry him?

Suzette said...

If he'd asked me "who's the boss" after cheating on me I would ask him "where are you going to live now that I'm kicking you out?". What a jerk!

Robert Allison said...

A man in love with himself!

However, I do think that modern western culture has tended to de-emphasize and blur natural or at least traditional sex traits leaving many men and women that I know vaguely dissatisfied with what they see across the table at dinner. When a modern feminist gives me her description of a "real woman" it is rarely a description that I would be attracted to (even if I "should" be). That disconnect is noteworthy.

Anonymous said...

Except for cheating on his wife, this man is "right on the money"! Real women want to be challenged!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the vast majority of comments on that site that said they were nodding their heads until the cheating on his wife part.
perhaps the trend in women marrying younger men is so they can be better able to boss them around.