the perfect bra

I have discovered the cheapest, MOST PERFECT BRA, like, ever.

They feel like buttah.

I bought them in lots o' colors...


karrie said...

Like buttah? LOL

Its Auwguwst, so you're going to tawk brawhs, I heard that Babs herself loves some of these wire less ones:

Big Breasted Readers Click Here

britney said...

Katie - the most recent mailing I got from planned parenthood listed Target pharmacists as among those who are starting to refuse to fill prescriptions for birth control or other such meds they morally disagree with. I love Target..but now wonder whether I should boycott until they change this stance..just wondering if you've heard anythign about this issue.

Anonymous said...

I have a couple of those bras, and I love them too....but unfortunately, they lose their stretch pretty quickly. Fortunately, they're not expensive, but it bugs me that I have to toss it after wearing for a few months (even after washing on delicate and hanging to dry).


Elizabeth said...

Hey, there are plenty of reasons to not like Target. And why are you looking for cheap bras? Who made it, and how much are they getting paid?

Anyway, the most perfect bra is madee here in the states, in Washington state, by women who are being paid fairly. They are so comfortable, that when I got my first one, I went dancing around the house so happy my kids thought I'd gone nuts. You can find them here:

They've just begun to make men's undies, too, and I've ordered my husband some!

Wolverine said...

Aren't those the modest bras from the Amish site? They look really comfortable, kind of like orthopedic shoes.