no dixie chicks for knoxville

Well darn.

I love the Dixie Chicks, and even though I wasn't going to be able to make their planned Knoxville show in October, my daughter was. Now they've announced that THE KNOXVILLE SHOW IS CANCELED
Their new record is terrific and it irritates the heck out of me that I can't hear it anywhere on local radio. I'm glad to read that even though concert ticket sales have been soft in some markets, like uber-conservative East Tennessee, they are selling very well elsewhere, and their CD continues to fly off the shelves.

My 11 year old daughter will be really disappointed to find out the show is canceled, but it will offer a teachable moment for me as a parent. I'll have the chance to explain about free speech, the peace movement and mob censorship.


Suzette said...

It is also a good lesson in learning that free speech isn't always "free". There are consequences of our words; even if we strongly believe in them and feel we are right others may not. As in this case the Chicks comments were within their rights, but others protest by not playing records or purchasing tickets. Still the Chicks stay strong in their beliefs.

Jenny said...

True, Suzette. This is about a "free" marketplace more than about free speech. Free speech is about -- and only about -- ensuring that the government doesn't restrict speech.

I loved the Dixie Chicks through their first two albums, couldn't play them enough. I stopped listening and buying not because of what Natalie said about Bush, but because of all the stupid, stupid things the three have said since.

Free speech means she can say what she wants all day long. (And certainly she can. And does.) It doesn't mean that I can't change my opinion (or my actions as a consumer) as a result of what she says.

Andy said...

The Nashville show is still on, AFAIK.