My 9th grade son Henry likes to argue with me. (He would tell you I like to argue with him.) Lately his incessant need to debate every issue, from world peace to the meaning of God to why he cannot light candles in his room to why he has to wear shoes to school have been wearing me out.

(He reminds me of my little brother, who must've worn our parents and his teachers out ;-)

Anyway, I was telling someone this about Henry today and she said, "Well, that's a teenager for you."

But really, he's been doing this for years....and thinking about that reminded me of this rather hilarious letter he wrote me when he was in 6th grade.


(Can you say Future Lawyer? And by the way, "Sanchez" is not part of his name. He just added that for random comic effect)



Naomi said...

OMG, he quoted an expert! That is hilarious.

So, did you let him start playing paintball again?

Leslie said...

My son uses this EXACT argument when I take his computer time away. He's 12. I think it might have some merit, but I don't know what else to do with him.

KLC said...

I think we should start advising future Mom's to cease and desist on the prenatals. These kids are getting WAY too smart.

Katharine said...

What an extraordinarily intelligent son you have! And behind the giggles his letter provokes, it's easy to see that he has been raised to consider others' feelings and work constructively to solve arguments. You should be very proud, Katie.

Anonymous said...

who knew what a 'parenting expert' was at 12? OMG!

Anonymous said...

imagine a kid that smart raised on good ole enfamil. you are probably very very lucky he didnt get the extra IQ points. thats what we say about our bottlefed kid too...we couldnt have stood any more smarts.