When I die, I hope to die LIKE THIS.

If I have this right (and I think I do), John Duryea was Ariel Gore's stepfather, whom she came to love as HER FATHER, no qualifiers needed.

He was a Catholic priest who left the priesthood when he fell in love with Ariel's mother, Eve, decades ago. They married, causing a huge scandal, and have been blissfully together ever since.

And now he has died.

My condolences to Ariel and her family.


Anonymous said...

That's beautiful.

Smokey said...

wow. i wish we all could be lucky enough to be this lucid and present up until the end. I also wish we all had the choice that he had. I wish him well on his journey to the other side -- whatever it my hold.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? This is beautiful?

britney said...

i love it when the anonymi start arguing amongst themselves.