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Congrats to my friends Andrea Buchanan and Miriam Peskowitz on their new venture: MotherTalk.

Here's some info from Miriam:

MotherTalk's first official blog tour starts today, for Tracy Thompson's new book Ghost in the House.I want to let everyone know about it. This is the kind of roll out we hope can help launch a book that the women's and parenting magazines have decided it "too depressing." Let's see what our alternative-parenting blog world can do to get the word out.

Today, Jenn from MUBAR gets the ball rolling.

Tuesday August 8 -- Mir at Woulda Coulda Shoulda

Wednesday August 9 -- Jenny at Three Kid Circus.

Thursday August 10 -- Asha at ParentHacks

Friday August 11 -- Trace at

Tuesday, August 15, Heather Armstrong of one of the most popular blogs on
the web in any genre,, interviews Tracy for

Here are some links and info about the book and the author, Tracy Thompson:

The book at Amazon

"The Ghost in the House, the result of Thompson's extensive studies, is the
first book to address maternal depression as a lifelong illness that can have
profound ramifications for mother and child. A striking blend of memoir and
journalism, here is an invaluable resource for the millions of women who are
white-knuckling their way through what should be the most satisfying years of
their lives. Thompson offers her readers a concise summary of the cutting-
edge research in this field, deftly written prose, and, above all, hope."

And here's an interview with Tracy that just ran in Salon.

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karrie said...

My copy is still on order, but I'm looking forward to reading it.

I do not, however, for the life of me understand the appeal of the Alpha Mom channel. Maybe if you're up all night with a newborn? But then would new moms catch up on SNL and bad cooking shows?