I like makeup - in fact, I am a bit of a lip gloss addict. I spend way too much money trying new lip glosses (and in fact, I have a new favorite: THIS STUFF from Neutrogena.).

But my beloved does NOT like makeup of any kind and doesn't like it when I wear even lipgloss. Sadness.

So the other day he asked me what makeup I planned to wear at our wedding. His tone made it clear that he would prefer I wear none. Nada. No makeup at our wedding.

I just don't think I can do this. I mean, I don't wear a lot of makeup, but I do like my eyelash curlers and lipgloss.


Anonymous said...

Beware the man who doesn't like lipgloss, or heels or good lingerie. These are strange men you want to avoid. They prefer those fundie women who never cut their hair and wear denim skirts and clogs.

Anonymous said...

An eyelash curler doesn't even count as make-up. So the issue is lip gloss. i say go for it. Such a small thing. . .so much happiness!!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a photographer, please wear some makeup. You need some foundation and a little face powder too. Reapply the powder on occasion. You will look shiny in your pictures if you don't. The flash will accentuate the shininess. I mostly do senior pictures and once the girls get hot the glare comes out...very difficult to retouch. Even if you aren't having a professional photographer, you will look better in the family snapshots with some makeup on.


dedanaan said...

Let me say two things:

It's nice to have a man who doesn't expect you to apply makeup like a Kabuki doll in order to look good. He finds you attractive just the way you are.

However, if YOU feel more comfortable wearing makeup and YOU think you look better with it, by all means, wear it. The wedding is your day, too. How would he feel if you asked him to shave off his beard for the wedding or modify something else to make you happy and him uncomfortable?

My boyfriend use to bug me to cut my hair. Frankly, I'd look like a middle-aged pinhead if I did. I told him I'd cut my hair if he'd grow his long and wear it in a ponytail. He's not made a peep since!

Laura Linger said...

Oh, dear.

The time has come for you to hire a makeup artist for your wedding (if you weren't going to hire one anyway).

Have the artist do a "practice run" for your makeup before the wedding. Let your man see that a good makeup job subtly enhances. You'll still look like you.

I had a woman from my hair salon put my face on for my wedding day, and I am glad that I had it done professionally. First, because I was so nervous, and second because a pro knew how to make things look entirely natural while being camera-ready. What Liz said...wear some makeup, if only for the pictures. I have naturally pale, Irish skin and if I hadn't any makeup on, it would have looked like Ken married Casper the Friendly Bride.

And count your blessings that your soon-to-be husband things you are beautiful AS IS. Still, I think that if you don't do something that you really really want to do on your wedding day, you will regret it.

What about your nails and toenails? Are you getting them done, too?

p.s. I don't personally wear it, but I know tons of people who SWEAR by Bare Minerals and that mineral-type makeup for their wedding days.

jon said...

Actually, although I think Kate needs no makeup to look beautiful, I was mostly concerned that she would be wearing lip stuff. On our first kiss as a married couple, I want to kiss her lips, not gloss or lipstick.

But I really was just asking her what she was wearing so I could know what to expect; I really wasn't trying to imply anything.

Elizabeth said...

What, like you haven't kissed her yet? You don't know what it's like? Come on, Jon, get over it! Katie, I think you should be made up how you want to look on your wedding. After, you can take it all off and Jon can see you as just Katie.

Before we got married, my husband asked me to do things like grow out my fingernails. I tried it for a while to please him and then just said, no! This isn't me. And he realized it wasn't right for him to ask me to change my body for him.

Jon said...

I'm not asking her to do "things" or "change her body." I'm certainly not asking her to grow out her nails. I'd just be happier if she didn't have on lip stuff. And all I actually wanted was to *know* what she planned so I wouldn't be disappointed.

jon said...

The wedding is about both the "bride" and the "groom," you know. If I had wanted to wear a polyester shirt to look how I wanted to look on my wedding, whaddya think she'd say?

katie allison granju said...

Jon, honey, you know what I would say to polyester ;-)

Perhaps I misled folks - Jon has never in any way tried to tell me what I should or should not wear or put on my face, hair or skin.

He's just less into lipgloss than I am.

My mother really wanted me to wear fake nails at my first wedding because I bite my fingernails. I acquiesced, but they were SO uncomfortable and I spent quite a bit of time on my wedding night carefully peeling them off.

Emily said...

Why don't you just have bare lips for the ceremony and apply some lip gloss when it's over? It can be the inaugural compromise of your new marriage, kind of like breaking a bottle of Champagne over the prow of a new boat.

karrie said...

I'm a makeup minimalist, but since you seem to love both Target and Neutrogena, look for the citrus sugar body scrub. It smells great, no sticky residue, and for some reason costs half of most scrubs. I also adore Neutrogena's pushup, solid suncreen.

Burts Bees makes several nice, smooch-a dude friendly lip products.

Laura Linger said...

Katie and Jon, you guys are so sweet. Mazel tov for a long and happy life together :-)

Elizabeth said...

Well, that's different. Polyester is just evil. ;-)

I see what you're saying! I don't wear makeup myself. But if I was getting married right now, I think I would wear lipstick. I don't know--I mean, it'll probably be gone by the time you get to the kiss, anyway!

And if this is the biggest of your pre-marital spats, you're doing good. :-)

clara said...

I`ve got the answer!
At Target they sell Sonia Kashuk lip & cheek stain. It will give you color, it has no taste when its dry, it stays on until you wash it off! It's also only as much color as you choose. Everything that will please both of you. In fact I just wore it while having my baby so I could have some color but not the messiness of regular lip stuff. That`s a whole nother level of vanity though now that I think about it. :)

Dr. Neighbor said...

I'm with Jon. I'm not one to comment negatively about one's hair, makeup or appearance in general, but if you've got a booger hanging out of your nose or food on your chin, I'm likely to let you know.

This is precisely what I did one day last week when I was out with Kate and Jon. She looked, to me, like a 14 year old from 1978. She replied that this was the look that she was going for.

In the late 70's I did find the stuff rather alluring, but my tastes have changed.

Jon, take a hankerchief to the wedding, wipe that crap off before the kiss!