borrowing trouble

Do you ever feel like something HAS to go wrong when everything seems to be going right?

I had several years where nothing seemed to go right, no matter which way I turned. Sure, I was grateful for the good health of my children and myself, but damn, everything else fell to pieces around me.

And now everything is rockin' along. And I sometimes get almost weepy with worry, wondering when the other shoe is gonna drop.


Suzette said...

Don't worry, Be happy! Eventually something will go wrong, that is life. In the mean time enjoy this new home, husband, life! Congrats!!!

Laura Linger said...

You can't live your life like that. It's tempting, I know. I myself am in an incredibly good place right now, with a new job that I love, and my writing career really taking off, and a family reunion next weekend that I am almost irrationally excited about. So many times over the past few weeks, I have chastised myself for being so happy, reasoning that something terrible is bound to be just around the corner. You can't live your life like that. I realized that, and I hope that you will, too. Good things happen to good people. Sometimes you DO get what is coming to you. Sometimes things DO work out. When life has handed you a platter full of shit, it's tempting to believe that you'll never receive roses. But you know what? You do.

So relax, smile, and smell them.

karrie said...

Hi Katie,

I can relate to this. Without sharing my life story, I grew up very poor and in an environment with a great deal of drama. As a relatively emotionally and financially secure adult, I still find myself waiting for the "other shoe" to drop.

Try and figure out if something specific is making you anxious, and deal with it. If its just noise, ignore it and enjoy this happy time in your life.

Anonymous said...

Ex-neighbor here. Stop the fussing and enjoy yourself forgoodnesssake. You have SO many blessings for which to be thankful. You have a supportive network of family, many friends to share your good times and bad, a place to retreat (Bell Buckle) when you need to, a nice job, beautiful children, a very nice man (Mr. Jon :) ), babysitting, the means to send your children to good private schools, and a sweet, positive outlook on life. I only wish I had half of what you have if you don't mind me being a little bit envious :).

Margaret across the street

Jamie said...

There's a Carrie Newcomer song I love, written when she was trying to shake the feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop. I can't find the lyrics anywhere online, which is weird, but it goes like this:

It's all right, I'm not looking for darkness to strike anymore in my life
It's my choice: I can live with the fear or go on
...Sometimes love can withstand every trial and
Sometimes there's only one shoe.

dedanaan said...

Yeah, I get that way, too. Ever since moving to San Diego, every time I go on vacation, something bad happens within 24 hours before leaving (ex., a pet dying, my car getting stolen, etc.). It's like some cosmic bugaboo waits until I'm feeling really good to rip the rug out from under me. But I do agree with the other commenters: enjoy yourself and your good fortune. Perhaps you got much of your bad luck over with in one big lump, and now it's time for the good luck.

karrie said...

Kind of off-topic, but have you seen the new Britney video on YouTube? (I linked to it in my blog, if anyone needs a laugh.)


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