billy crudup & claire danes

I've disliked Billy Cruddy, I mean, Crudup, ever since he dumped 8 months pregnant Mary Louise Parker for Claire Danes. And then Claire dumped sweetest boy on the planet, BEN LEE for Billy.


So I thoroughly enjoyed this IMAGINARY CONVERSATION between Billy and Claire from the snarky wonders at


firstimpressionist said...

The GoFugYourself writers are consistently scathing and on target.
I picture them alternately sitting around with either too much coffee or too much booze, cackling across the desk at each other.

Check your Ben Lee link.

Erin said...

Very nice link. Crudup is slime, I think, and may not have acted all that much for his role in Inventing the Abbotts where he played the hottie self absorbed asshole. Mary Louis Parker is better off with out him and on a fabulous new show. She seems to have handled the whole thing with enormous grace. I hope her son is doing just as well as she appears to be.

Anonymous said...

I too love Ben Lee - but not the Ben Lee you've linked to, I don't think! Try