more on the vacation

Nicole asked me what, specifically was the problem with the Tybee Island trip. My response:

Well, I am irritated that I just blew my annual vacation budget on what turned out to be 3 days (scheduled full week before realizing I had to return to my job cover election - my own fault - but still had to pay my full share of beach house rental, plus travel costs, food for 4, etc) at the nastiest, dirtiest, most overcrowded beach, to stay in the worst accomodations we have ever had on vacation because we waited too late to book one of the sorts of places we normally rent.

The whole place smelled like a dumpster and the beach was crowded and filthy. Actually, the interior of the condo was awesome, but it was located across a street and a big public parking lot from the actual beach, which was a huge hassle (just getting kids and chairs and sunscreen etc back and forth was a huge production). And the tiny deck had a lovely view of the parking lot and the roof of the bar next door, so the smell was gas fumes, fried fish and garbage.

It sucked ;-)

Next year we are back to Pawley's Island or Edisto, unless R & N go ahead and buy a beach place, as they've said they might. Then we can all meet up there.

But I am, however, very excited that I have returned to Knoxville to see that our new house has its beautiful new roof on it.

And Jon and I did have one lovely evening together in Savannah during our trip.

And today is one month to the day 'til our wedding :-)

And we close on the house TOMORROW!!!!


Anonymous said...

I am so shocked. We were at Tybee Island in 1994, and the beach was pristine and deserted. We always meant to go back, but never did. Now I sure don't want to ... It's hard to believe it could be taken over and ruined in 12 years.

Anonymous said...

We were there in September 2001. It was deserted, but that probably had more to do with it being September. The beach (and town)was pretty dirty.
I wouldn't go back. If I wanted to go to Savannah AND a beach, I'd do Hilton Head.

karrie said...

Start planning a fantastic honeymoon.

Oh and actually take said honeymoon before life gets in the way. My 3rd anniversary is today and we still have not gotten around to taking ours.

Suzette said...

Sorry to hear that; but that pretty much sums up my experiences at Tybee Island also. It is hot and dirty and stinky. Oh well, that will make your up-coming wedding all the more exciting.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the beach being too hot and stinky and dirty has a little to do with the whole d$%* region being that way. I love the southern beaches, but don't think I would want to go until the fall...