K-Tel's breastfeeding greatest hits collection

In honor of WORLD BREASTFEEDING WEEK, some of my writing on the topic over the past decade:

For a thorough (sp?) overview of exactly how the infant formula industry influences this issue and how, quite specifically, their actions parallel the tobacco industry, take a few minutes and READ THIS ARTICLE I wrote in 2003. It's about how the pharma companies stopped a huge public health campaign on breastfeeding from being released by DHHS at the federal level.

Here's a two-part ARTICLE I WROTE FOR on the quantifiable health risks of not breastfeeding/artificial feeding.

(I'll link to more articles later today)

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KLC said...

Just read the Salon article..wonderful and informative piece - you should be so proud of your work. There are times I read your blog and know we are polar opposites on every political philosophy imaginable. On this issue, however, I am so pleased to see that we agree on the importance of encouraging and urging generations of Mom's to consider a return to breastfeeding. It really is the perfect formula (no pun intended) for babies. Great work!