We got some estimates on having the nice wooden fence we want installed at the new house and quickly realized that's not something we will be able to do for a while. So instead, I did some research and we decided to buy this WIRELESS INSTANT FENCE thingy.

I wanted to go ahead and move the dogs over to the new house because it's easier to sell my house when potential buyers don't have to deal with three excited dogs every time they want to look at the back yard.

So we set the wireless fence up at the new house and over the past few days, have begin bringing the dogs over one at a time.

Each of them has gotten at least one good zap and that seems to have been all it took for them to learn where they can and cannot go.

Duffy was the last to have his collar put on and I went over to the house at lunch time to check on them and all of them seem to be staying within the boundary and in fact, they mostly seem to want to stay on the back deck at this point because they are afraid they will get zapped if they get off (not true).

The thing that makes this electric fence set-up different from the ones with buried underground wires is that with those, if the dog makes it past the zap line he is home free. With this new thing, the dog keeps getting the zap UNTIL he turn around and goes back inside the boundary area. This works much better.

This is not a perfect solution. It's a hassle to take the collars on and off when the dogs go in and out of the house. But for the moment, it's what we have.

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