shallow post o' the day

Oh how I wish I hadn't cut my hair.

It is now in that horrible, horrible I-look-like-a-middle-aged-public-schoolteacher-who-wears-appliqued-vests-and-listens-to-Celine-Dion growing-out phase that makes me want to cry when I look in the mirror. Tremendously unflattering.

Do not cut your hair.


Don't do it.


karrie said...

Time for a new color, maybe?

Fitzhugh Family said...

I keep going back and forth with mine. I cut it right after I had my daughter and I love it short but when I see pics of my LONG blonde hair or anyone else's I get sad!

bfmomma said...

could be worse. you could have gotten a (gasp) awful perm which fried your hair and now needs to GROW out.

not that i'd have any experience with that or anything... ;)

muffy bolding said...

you see, that's the trap: you cut it because you have been poring over hundreds of pics of jean seberg and mia farrow and you, too, wish to look young and fresh and kicky and chic and oh, so gamine.

but then...seemingly overnight, you wake up one day and you look not like an international woman of pixie-ish mystery -- YOU LOOK LIKE A FUCKING SOCCER MOM WITH A BOUFFANT.

trust me, i know, because i am suffering right now just as you are. i cut all my hair off last november (to get rid of some stubborn black dye all in one fell swoop) and am BESIDE MYSELF with misery. i am JUST NOW beginning to look like myself again. i feel hideous and SO SO SO SO UNSEXY. i cannot wait until i have my bob back!

and, to tell you the truth, when i read the post in which you cut your hair and i saw the pictures (which were positively ADORABLE, by the way), i just took a deep breath and said to myself, "jesus christ, is she gonna be sorry."

but take heart; it DOES grow.