jonbenet ramsey

Let me go on the record as saying I think it will turn out that this guy they have arrested is NOT the man who killed JonBenet Ramsey, but instead a sick pedophile with some sort of obsessive interest in the case and the family.

I certainly do hope I am wrong, however.


Les Jones said...

I'm sort of concerned about that, too, since he apparently was extremely knoledgeable about the case, but I'm inclined to believe he did it. The DNA test will tell all.

Laura Linger said...

I agree with you, Katie.

There's a lot about this story that is just so troubling. You know, aside from the fact that a beautiful young child with her entire life ahead of her was brutally slain.

For the record, I do NOT think that the Ramseys murdered their child. I just don't think that this guy did, either.

Anonymous said...

I heard an interesting comment on the news about the case---that the murder was so brutal, the forensic experts said that they had never seen a child murdered by a parent in such a way. So the experts, who'd had a lot of experience with child murder investigations, never believed the Ramseys did it.

Laura Linger said...

Did you see the bit in the news about how this guy enjoyed fried prawns, champagne, and other elegant yummies on his BUSINESS CLASS flight back to the States?

He was on Thai Airways, one of the best airlines in existence...their business class stuff puts American first class stuff to shame.

I can only imagine what the passengers in first class enjoyed.

There is so much about this whole shebang that just. doesn't. add. up.

Anonymous said...

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