rachel weisz makes postpartum women everywhere weep

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OK, this is just Not Fair.

RW just gave birth to baby Henry, like, 8 weeks ago. Look at this woman! Look at her adorable baby (with the most excellent name)!

She is a genetic anomaly.


Stefaneener said...

Nah, she looks normal to me. Not everyone looks wrecked post-partum.

Smokey said...

I agree, she does look great, but I'm convinced that with a team of stylists, trainers, cooks, etc. that some of these stars have I could look that good too. She's a gorgeous woman to begin with, but she has a team of folks helping her look exceptional.

Jenny said...

And celebrities are just plain skilled at not eating. I've tried it, but with precious little success.

karrie said...

Its kind of difficult to comment since the bags and baby are hiding her torso. Even with the ripped arms, she might have a bit of a tummy under wraps.

My own sister made me weep, wearing her sz 0 lowrise jeans home from the hospital and already looking as though she had never been pregnant. She is, as you put it, something of a genetic anomaly and she was a young mom.

Anonymous said...

Take heart, postpartum women! her hair looks like hell. I wouldn't leave the house with that mop on top of my head.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! » »