one foot in front of the other

I have so much going on right now that I sometimes feel like I am taking crazy pills...but in a good way:

-Kids go back to school this week. Two different schools and three different levels (elementary, middle and high school). Three different uniforms. Ack.

-Lots of work-related stuff going on. All good but I am buuuuuussssy. Political season kicking into high gear.

-In process (almost done) of moving three children, two dogs, one cat and one snake into new (to us) HUGE, OLD HOUSE where Jon moved in last week.

-Trying to get CURRENT HOUSE sold. Found housesitter to stay there 'til it sells. Still have about 1/4 of our stuff at old house. Moved many truckloads today with Jon while children with their father for the weekend.

-Fretting about the possibility of carrying two mortages til house sells, or having to rent current house if it doesn't sell in next 7 weeks before first, larger house payment due on new house.

-Need to get started on new book which publisher wants in 7-9 months.

-Busy planning details of wedding taking place 9/3 in town 3 hours away. I have lots of MUCH APPRECIATED help from Kimi, mother, Robert & Nicole, sister Betsy, etc, but still a lot to coordinate with food, drink, music, flowers, etc.

-Need to get wedding rings. Went to jewelry store tonight and Jon and I both figured out what we want. Now we will order them online (and in researching where to order online, stumbled on this QUITE ENTERTAINING LIST of things couples have asked this particular online jeweler to engarve on their rings.)

-Need to get wedding dress altered.

-Must get wedding license

-Need to arrange lodging for several members of Jon's family coming to wedding

-Must get fireman out to go over new house with all of us to talk about fire safety issues, how kids can use fore ladder from top floor and what kinds of smoke detectors we need and where. (If I seem obsessed with this, it's because it's a very, very big 100 year old house where - for the first time in my whole life as a mother - the children will be sleeping one a different floor from me).

-Must get estimates on fence at new house for dogs and figure out if/when we can afford it. (I wish we could start a "build Jon and Kate a fence" wedding registry ;-)

In the midst of all that's going on, I am trying to take time to reflect on all these huge changes and how lucky I am. I never would have imagined one year ago today what good fortune would come my way in 2006. I feel like if I exhale, I'll wake up and it will have all been a dream.


eleven said...

Desperate measures for desperate times...I don't want to sound like a nut,but when I needed to sell my house someone told me to bury a statue of Saint Joseph in my yard by the front door.I had nothing to loose but the $5.00 for the statue and did it just for the heck of it.My house sold in a weeks time.Hey,it's worth a try...Wishing you and your blended family all the happiness that your hearts can hold.(I have been down a similar road-younger second husband,blended family.)Don't worry-just keep loving each other with all of your might and everything will be fine!

dedanaan said...

Two dogs? I thought you had three. Did you find a home for the border collie? (I thought you grew to like him.)

katie allison granju said...

We do indeed have three dogs.

See, I told you I was taking crazy pills...

Back to cleaning and organizing...

Anonymous said...

think this addendum to Jane the cheerleader came to me in a dream last night. It's a marvelous idea. Jane is already an accomplished rider and jumper. She will soon be an accomplished baton twirler and pom pom shaker.
Combine the two for a unique gig for the horse shows. As she goes around the back stretch, twirl the baton and wave the pom poms. Just before the jump stash them in a pocket on the side of the horse. As soon as she clears the hurdle, grab them and do her cheer leader thing. I don't believe I've ever seen this done. After some training in acrobatics with the cheer leaders, she can stand up on the horses back and do her thing. I can see a huge career with Ringling Brothers here. Your TV station would probably send a crew to photograph it.

Jenny said...

. . . or Cheval, for the more sophisticated palate. Plus "ran off to join the Cirque de Soleil" just sounds better.