ward's lobster

Last weekend, we went to Bell Buckle for the enveiling of a special sculpture of a giant lobster by SHERRI WARNER-HUNTER. She created the lobster in memory of my toddler COUSIN WARD, who died in 2005. Ward loved lobsters ;-)

The unveiling was held on what would have been Ward's 4th birthday. Lots of family and friends were there, and one very special guest came: Ashlynn, a little girl who is one of Ward's organ recipients. It was really emotional for all of us to meet her.

Here are some photos from the big day. I wish I had gotten better pictures of the VERY cool lobster before all the kids started happily swarming it. It's neat-o. If you are ever in Bell Buckle, be sure to go by THE PARK and take a look at it.

Ward's mama and daddy and his big brothers


The lobster!


Eleanor and Great Grandmother


Jon at the park.


Ward's lobster.


Ashlynn checks out the lobster (notice Ward's name in the claw)



Elliot (in hat at front of photo) on the lobster


Ward's brothers, Gray and Jack, get ready to unveil the lobster


The playground built in Ward's honor. It's awesome.


Nicole, Anna and Nicholas with some of the balloons released in Ward's honor




Jane and Helen


Henry and Thomas


Ward's balloons are released



Mary C said...

I am in awe of the good that parents can do in the face of tragic circumstances- I have friends who lost a son, Reese, at 3 months to SIDS- here is what they have helped accomplish:

The money that we raised in the SIDS golf tournaments helped pay the way for the machine that was used in this study.

The machine has a plate on it identifying the SIDS Alliance of Georgia.

The footprints on the logo are Reese's. Pretty cool huh?

It will also be shown on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric.

Wards playground is wonderful.

Debra said...

I am so touched by this story and the photos.

The mosiac lobster is beautiful.

What a wonderful, positive way to honor and remember a beautiful little boy. I agree with Mary C., I am also in awe of the good a greiving family can do!

Thank you for sharing.

Laura Linger said...

If that isn't the greatest argument for becoming an organ donor, I don't know what is. To see a little girl standing, jumping, running, and living because of Ward's organ is very powerful and persuasive evidence.

I'm sure that wherever Ward is today, be it Heaven, the universe, the consciousness, whatever, seeing his lobster and everyone enjoying it made him smile.