in the wake

Last night, Jon and I stopped by Barley's in the Old City for a little bit for the lovely celebration OF B.J.'s LIFE planned by her husband, Jake. I met Jake in person for the first time, wishing very much that we had gotten a chance to get together with their family before B.J. died.

I loved looking at all the photos of her and of her artwork. She was objectively, a very beautiful woman and she looked prettiest in the photos of her with her two supercute little boys, who are now left without their mama, who was way too young to be taken away from them.

I hope to have Jake and his boys over to our house soon. I know Elliot would love to make some cool new little guy pals, and I want to get to know Jake.

I am honored to have been at the wake. There was clearly love all around. And I also had the best martini I've perhaps ever had. It was perfect ;-) And when I die, that's the kind of thing I want folks to say about my going-away party.


AT said...

"And when I die, that's the kind of thing I want folks to say about my going-away party"

Exactly. To BJ, it wouldn't be the headstone, or the grave, or the diamond, or the urn, or whatever. It'd have been the party.
Its great to finally meet you and Jon, and I'd love to head over anytime.

missy said...

It's so nice that you guys got to go. I hooked up with atomictumor through your blog and found a kindred spirit with BJ through her blogs (we attended the same college program) I was so hoping she would get better so we could bitch about the same things together! I didn't go to the wake because I have mainly been a lurker, but hope to keep reading!