handcuffs & stuff

My grandfather, Ray Anderson, who died this week, was a very fascinating person.

He was an internationally recognized EXPERT ON THE SEARCH FOR NOAH'S ARK.

He played a major role in developing some of Hughes Aircrafts' first communications satellites.

he was an accomplished private pilot (he always promised he would teach me to fly until he realized how badly I pilot a car).

And as a young man, he made a living jumping out of airplanes, handcuffed. People would pay to see whether he would escape the cuffs or die.

An old friend of his just sent my Uncle Roger, also a pilot, some newsclippings and flyers for my grandfather's exploits. He's referred to in one of the articles as "local daredevil, Ray Anderson." I love that ;-)





Grandpa was also a dedicated reader of this blog and often left pithy comments, mostly disagreeing with me about politics and social issues.

I miss him already.


Anonymous said...

Wow! What an interesting family you have.

Anonymous said...

A remarkable man.The world has lost another treasure...JCB